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Multi-Tasking That Puts All of You to Use!

You weren’t using your brain when jogging anyway! When you use your computer or tablet, you are not getting physical exercise. You may be in an ergonomically sound chair, but so what?! No credit for cardio. When you jog, big cardio benefit, but listening to Adele “Rolling in the Deep” in your ear buds is […]

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Self-Cleaning Windows Just Need Sun and Rain

Was I out of the room when they came up with self-cleaning windows? According to Wikipedia, the first self-cleaning glass was available in 2001. The secret ingredient it turns out is Titania (titanium dioxide). It’s become the material of choice for self-cleaning windows. Coated on windows, it does all it needs to do PLUS it’s […]

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Woman in rainy night with umbrella

Umbrella that Requires Only One Hand, Not the Other Hand with Groceries

Somebody Should Invent It! Somebody Should Invent an Umbrella that Folds Back Up with Flick of Finger Imagine a torrential rain… although in other rains on other days you can race among the droplets and avoid getting drenched… today you would get soaked going to the garage. So it’s umbrella time. Contemporary umbrellas are easy […]

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Days of needing a battery of remotes are over

Maybe you don’t need a remote to find what you want on TV

Big news: TVs are being made to listen to their master’s voice! Is the remote headed for extinction? LG Electronics and Samsung have announced development of a voice recognition remote that responds to the viewers spoken wishes. No more fiddling with a universe of obscure buttons on a remote control. With the new device, a […]

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Find Your Way Back From Anywhere

How many times have you had trouble finding your way back to your hotel? One touch on iReturn, save your location to later find your way back. iReturn is being used by millions of delirious users How many times have you had trouble finding your way back to your hotel? Or have forgotten where you […]

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